August 24th, 2010


Fall 2010

So I'm on my second week of college and apparently I'm NOT going to have an easy time of it.

To start things off, I applied to everything late: college, financial aid, apartment. I basically found out I got in the first week of classes and I only just moved my stuff into my apartment last Sunday. I thought I could finally settle down and focus on my classes and finding a job. Not so easy, because yesterday I opened up my mail and POOF! A letter from financial aid telling me that I don't qualify for financial aid (something that I NEED to pay my tuition and the bulk of my apartment lease with). I'm sending off my appeals letter today but fuck... if they don't accept it I'll be in the biggest pickle.

I shouldn't have waited this long to put everything together. I'll find out in a week whether or not I have to flee to Canada. I'm just gonna try to be optimistic - I have to

Anyways, for some odd reason I wasn't very hungry last week or much this week. I somehow dropped down to 111, which is awesome but I really need to start working out once I get everything else set aside. Weighing less doesn't make my thighs any less wobbly.

I really wanna prayer to God right now.... I haven't honestly wanted something this bad before.