Birdmad Girl (sortastuck) wrote,
Birdmad Girl

writing for the health of it

 A friend told me before that it helps to get your feelings out in writing. Since I've been feeling slightly suicidal and depressed today, I think it's a good time to explore them a little. Especially since I'm supposed to be studying for a test that I may or may not have tomorrow. I'm not really certain, seeing as I haven't been to class but once in the last three or more weeks. Was really depressed back then, couldn't even drag myself out of bed for anything other than work, because being fired from would really fuck. 

Anyways. Ate an entire 10 oz bag of Reese's Pieces this morning. Ate tons of other candy and cookies. And a bowl of ramen. I wonder if I want to start keeping a food diary again. It's so addicting. Feels good doing something everyday, even if it's just keeping a simple track of what I ate. 

Eh, bored with this. Think I'll go study for that test I may or may not have.

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